Elevate Your Driving Experience with Qubo Dashcam Pro


Brand Qubo
Orientation Drivers Side
Vehicle Service Type Car
Connectivity Technology Wi-Fi
Special Feature Night Vision
Video Capture Resolution 1080p
Included Components Qubo Smart Dashcam Pro GPS, Car Charger, Warranty Card, Mini USB Cable
Mounting Type Adhesive Mount
Colour Black
Control Method App

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Enhance Road Safety with Qubo Dashcam Pro featuring GPS

In today’s fast-paced world, prioritizing road safety is paramount for all drivers. Whether for personal or professional use, integrating a dependable dashcam into your vehicle can significantly elevate your driving experience. The Qubo Dashcam Pro, equipped with cutting-edge GPS technology, emerges as a standout solution, offering unparalleled peace of mind on the road.

Advantages of Qubo Dashcam Pro with GPS

Boosted Road Safety

The Qubo Dashcam Pro stands out for its ability to heighten road safety. The incorporation of GPS functionality enables precise real-time tracking of your vehicle’s location. This proves invaluable during emergencies or accidents, facilitating swift assistance and intervention.

Legal Assurance

Dashcams featuring GPS serve as indisputable evidence in the event of road incidents or disputes. By combining recorded footage with GPS data, a clear chronicle of events is presented, simplifying the resolution of legal matters and insurance claims.

Insurance Incentives

Numerous insurance providers extend discounts to drivers who integrate GPS-enabled dashcams into their vehicles. These devices not only promote safe driving practices but also aid insurers in accurately evaluating claims, ultimately resulting in reduced premiums for policyholders.

Detailed Moment Capture

Advanced GPS Tracking

Navigate confidently and precisely with the integrated GPS functionality of the Qubo Dashcam Pro. This device not only records your journey but also tracks your route in real-time. Whether for business or leisure, effortlessly monitor your travels and reminisce about your adventures with precise location data.

High-Fidelity Video Recording

This dashcam boasts high-definition video recording capabilities, capturing clear footage of your surroundings. Day or night, the camera delivers crisp images, ensuring a dependable record of your journey.

Intelligent Safety Features

Drive with confidence knowing that the Qubo Dashcam Pro is equipped with intelligent safety features. Utilizing built-in sensors and advanced algorithms, this dashcam detects potential collisions and issues timely warnings, aiding in accident prevention and ensuring the safety of you and your passengers on the road.

Seamless Mobile App Integration

The Qubo mobile app seamlessly integrates with the dashcam, granting users remote access to recorded footage and GPS data. This feature facilitates real-time monitoring and playback, enhancing user convenience and accessibility.

Effortless Installation and Setup

Installing the Qubo Dashcam Pro is a hassle-free process that can be completed within minutes. The package includes all necessary mounting accessories and instructions, simplifying the setup for users.

GPS Functionality in Qubo Dashcam Pro: How It Works

The Qubo Dashcam Pro employs advanced GPS technology to accurately track your vehicle’s location. By receiving signals from multiple satellites and triangulating your position, the device ensures precise location data for recording and monitoring purposes.

User Experience and Testimonials

Users acclaim the Qubo Dashcam Pro for its reliability, user-friendliness, and comprehensive features. Many drivers have shared positive experiences, underscoring the device’s impact on road safety and peace of mind.

Comparison with Competing Dashcams

When compared to other dashcams available, the Qubo Dashcam Pro distinguishes itself with its superior GPS functionality, high-quality recording capabilities, and intelligent incident detection features. It offers exceptional value for money and unmatched performance in its category.

Pricing and Availability

Competitively priced, the Qubo Dashcam Pro is readily available through authorized retailers and online stores. With a warranty and after-sales support, customers are assured of satisfaction and peace of mind.


In conclusion, the Qubo Dashcam Pro with GPS emerges as an indispensable accessory for modern-day drivers. Its advanced features, including GPS tracking, high-definition recording, and intelligent incident detection, position it as a valuable investment for enhancing road safety and legal protection. With its easy installation, user-friendly interface, and affordable pricing, this dashcam delivers unmatched value and peace of mind to drivers worldwide.

Unique FAQs

Does Qubo Dashcam Pro Record Audio Along with Video? Yes, the Qubo Dashcam Pro records audio along with video footage, providing a comprehensive record of your journey.

Can I View Live Footage from Qubo Dashcam Pro on My Smartphone? Yes, the Qubo mobile app enables users to view live footage from the dashcam remotely, facilitating real-time monitoring capabilities.

Is Qubo Dashcam Pro Compatible with All Vehicle Models? Designed for versatility, the Qubo Dashcam  is compatible with most vehicle models, offering seamless integration and installation options.

How Long Does the GPS Data Stay Stored in the Dashcam? The GPS data recorded by the Qubo Dashcam Pro is securely stored in the device’s memory and can be accessed for an extended period as per user preferences.

Does Qubo Dashcam Pro Require a Monthly Subscription for GPS Tracking? No, the Qubo Dashcam Pro does not necessitate any monthly subscription for GPS tracking. The device provides lifetime access to GPS functionality without additional fees.

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